Wednesday, August 21, 2019


Trumptard Farmer says it's ok,
When they take all his land and money away.
Trumptard Farmer says it's ok,
When the foreclosure man takes his farm away.

No matter what he does, they'll keep voting for Trump,
I put him in his place when I'm taking a dump.

Trumptard Farmer says it's ok,
When all his soybeans are rotting away.
Trumptard Farmer says it's ok,
When he said there's fine people in the KKK.

No matter what he says, they'll keep voting for Trump,
I think that Trump is dumber than Forest Gump.


Trumptard Farmer says it's ok,
That he sold his tractor to get his mortgage paid.
Trumptard Farmer says it's ok,
That Trump took his grampa's farm away.
Trumptard Farmer says it's ok,
And he'll be voting for Trump, anyway.

Friday, May 18, 2018

The Rolling Stone

The Rolling Stone

He plays the guitar,
In the world’s oldest band,
He has a jet plane,
And a whole lot of land

If world 3 is the end of man,
And everything’s gone,
All alone he will stand,
‘Cuz everyone knows,
Nothing can kill,
Keith Richards!

Oh nothing can kill Keith Richards!

He’s a million years old,
And the girls love him so,
They chase him around,
Wherever he goes,

He snorted a planet
Of coke up his nose,
If Chuck Noriss hits him,
He won’t feel the blows,
‘Cuz everyone knows,
Nothing can kill Keith Richards!

Ah nothing can kill that man!
He’s a tough old bastid man!

(Solo, please?)

The scientists in 3,000,000,085,
Are really freaked out that he’s still alive,
One day the sun will explode,
That is the end,
But I’ve got an idea,
Someone please tell them then,
We’ll put a shield,
Around the world,
And it will be made of
Keith Richards!

Yeah the world will be saved by Keith Richards!

Yeah the world said "Hooray for Keith Richards!"

He’s the toughest old bastid on Earth!!!

Stronger than dirt!!!

Friday, November 03, 2017

She Forgot

So long ago,
She forgot
I know, it hurts you so, but no,
She forgot

You’re so high, and I’m so low,
I can’t go anywhere you go

We’re so sorry that you failed,
But she won’t answer her mail,
‘Cuz she forgot,
Publicists, and managers,
And high walls surround her,
She forgot

There’s no way, I could say, how I feel

Go to jail if you get caught,
Going to her house or get shot,
‘Cuz she forgot
She lives in L.A. where I’m betrayed,
With an actor who sure gets paid,
She forgot

It’s my dream, that lost the war, with the real

Ballad of a Rock Star

I’m such a Rock Star ‘cuz I haven’t washed my hair,
Took a gutter punk shower and no one seems to care
I’m such a Roack Star and I’m going really far
Couple dollars short of the bus, ‘cuz I don’t have a Jaguar

I swear to God I know it’s never gonna change,
I’ll just keep playing ‘till they drag me off the stage

I’m such a Rock Star ‘cuz I don’t have any girls
Unless they’re a thousand miles away in my imaginary world
I’m such a Rock Star ‘cuz I’m hanging out with Cheeze
Good evening we’re the drug inspectors let us see it if you please

My momma said I’d end up broke and all alone
That’s why good riddance is what they’re writing on my stone

I’m such a Rock Star and I only came to play
I sure as hell can’t afford a beer on the money that I make
I’m such a Rock Star and I’m still on SSI but I’m still trying to work
God alone only knows why

He’ll lay me down with my bottle of Jack and my guitar
Some kid’ll find me and say “I wonder who you are,
Weren’t you a Rock Star? Come on and play!”


Monday, October 16, 2017

Guitar Blues

Dialog:  "You guys've gotta check this out man!  Whoowee is she sweet!  She's right here man, hey wait a minute, what the fuck!?  No way!!!"

Guitar Blues:

You can burn my house down,
You can steal my brand new car,
"Damn I just bought that yesterday! Fucking now what?!"

You can burn my house down,
You can steal all my brand new cars,
"Sammy Hagar was here the other day and he said 'nice collection'"

But whatever you got to do,
Don't, steal my guitar...

I mean it man,

If I had a dog,
You could beat him with a stick all day,
"Hey man I wasn't serious about that, cut that shit out man!"
If I had a dog,
You could beat him with a stick all day.
"Man fuck you if you'd do that to a dog man shit!"
But if you steal my guitar,
It's all hell you've got to pay!!!


If I had a woman,
You could buy her a drink sometime,
" I trust her, she'll drink you under the table. dude for real!"
If I had a woman,
You could get her the finest wine,
"She don't give a fuck about money. we ride the bus it's cool."
But if you steal my guitar,
Mother fucker!  You aint no friend of mine!!!

And you better lookout!


Monday, March 16, 2015

Black Moon (A song about Karma lyrics by Matt O'Connor, music by Matt O'Connor and Mike Lemley)

Black Moon:

There's a time that's gonna come,
It's gonna come for you bad son,
For that Deliverance Shit you done done.

There's a light that's gonna shine,
And it won't mind, batting an evil eye,
And you'll have nowhere to hide.

Don't go outside,
Better run and hide,
Don't get caught in the light, of the Black Moon.

You told me to tell a lie,
And say everything was fine,
I was only Fucking Five!!!

You told me you were my best friend,
You were no Fucking Friend of Mine,
When you turned out the God Damned Lights!

Don't go outside,
Karma smiles tonight!
You got caught in the light,
Of The Black Moon!

Look out, here it comes,

howl, slightly more howls, more louder howls, Lots of Howls!!!

This is dedicated to my dear Uncle Kevin Holloway, who sexually abused me from the ages of 5, to 6 years old, as well as one other member of my family who wishes to remain anonymous. This was also written for the benefit of both myself, and all victims of child sexual abuse as a way to cope. Never let it stay untold. Never fail to report. Never fail to disgrace them publicly. Never let them go unpunished. "By any and all means necessary." Malcolm X.

This song will be recorded and included in Matty O's next album, if he is able to live long enough for that to occur. This is in question due to the PTSD which is part of his mental diagnosis as a direct result of Mr. Holloway's sexual abuse he perpetuated against him in 1973 in the home of his Grandfather, the late William Holloway in Memphis Tennessee. It was first played live at a club called The Foenix in Whittier California on a Friday the 13'th in 2014. It's next live performance will be video recorded and posted on YouTube during the album release show for Matty O's first album, Gullible's Travels. The Gullible's Travels debut album of Matty O' is available for pre order now on itues with this link: tentative release date, April 5'th 2015

Saturday, November 10, 2012


Don't tell Lorraine! If you had a few friends over, Don't tell Lorraine! If you wanna smoke a bowl with her, Don't tell Lorraine! She's the momma of the studio, And if she finds our you will have to go, So don't tell Lorraine! If you write a song that's about her, Don't tell Lorraine! If you secretly would be with her, Don't tell Lorraine! You think you won't get caught, but she'll find out, She'll stare into your eyes, it will spill out, Don't tell Lorraine! Even in rock and roll there must be laws, And even Disney Land has got some flaws, For this to be a win, The wrong ones can't get in, And she's the one who's making sure, But don't tell Lorraine, If even your the one who wrote this song, Don't tell Lorraine! Especially if you want to stay too long, Don't tell Lorraine She's the queen of all of Hollywood, So if you play there you had best be good, Or don't tell Lorraine! Don't tell Lorraine! Oh no! Don't tell Lorraine, Oh no she can't know! She could fuck up all our shows! We wouldn't even get to go! So don't tell Lorraine!

Monday, November 05, 2012


I would still go out with you, If you said you didn't like Pink Floyd, Though I'd be a little annoyed I'd still go out with you, If you said you were pro life, But I'd ask you to stay out of My chick friend's lives I'd still go out with you, If you said you were a cannibal, Or like cruelty to animals, I'd take you to therapy and hope you get better, I'd still wanna go out, with you I'd still go out with you, even if you lived where it's raining all the time, I'd still go out with you and say I was a winner, your mine If I'm forever lonely without you, I'd still wanna go out with you Even if you were still hooked on drugs, Even if your in organized crime, Even if your in some crazy cult, Even if your about to die, I'll still wanna go out, with you